Broiler Quail 5 story cage

  • Video tutorial for installing and using the product
  • Free delivery to nationwide
  • Hot tensile galvanized products, including beam, feeder, dung tray, etc.
  • Automatic drinking system
  • 100% washable and stainless
  • Rust guarantee: 10 yrs.
  • Drinking system guarantee: 2 yrs.
  • Capacity : 300
  • Scientific and engineering design In accordance with universal standards
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Note: this product is also available in 3, 4, and 5 story.

We have combined science, experience, and engineering principles to introduce best products, the paravar industrial group is proud of cooperating with elite engineers and breeders to integrate science and experience and providing the best and standard breeding cages for partridge, quails, poultry, Pheasants, pigeons and so on throughout the Iran and even the Middle East.

Broiler Quail cage provide breeding conditions of quails in the houses, apartments, gardens and villas, poultry laboratories and etc. by unique design.

Four principles of top level manufacturing of poultry equipment observed one hundred percent, including Quality and stability, Standard portable weight, Affordable price and aesthetic, by no welding on beams and equipped to all required accessories.

The major problems you will not be faced with by using broiler Quail cage of Paravar manufacturer:

  • Smelling of dungs and bed for other residents in apartments or neighborhood
  • Lack of clean and appropriate space suitable for living
  • Eggs being broken or eaten by the other poultries
  • Concerns when residents are out at travel
  • Junking feeds in the coop
  • Getting dirty of drinker consistently

Technical specification

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       beam material : hot galvanized plate
  • null
       cage material : stainless hot galvanized coil
  • null
       Dung tray material : hot galvanized plate
  • null
       Feeder material : hot galvanized plate
  • null
       drinker system : automatic nipple
  • null
       Capacity : 300
  • null
       Beam length : 100 cm
  • null
       Beam height : 200 cm
  • null
       cage length : 95 cm
  • null
       cage width : 62 cm

Appearance and Functionality

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       Number of the nest(s) per story : 1
  • null
       Nest door : opening inside
  • null
       Number of the nipple(s) per story : 3
  • null
       Weight : 90 kg
  • null
       Assembly and disassembly : fully elite
  • null
       Washing method : Carwash
  • null
       Style : stand
  • null
       Mucker coating : full-dress

Product accessories

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       Water supply : higher than 10m
  • null
       Nipple cup(s) : 15
  • null
       Drinker system connections : pipe connector, bending, 2.5 and 3.5 clamps, hose
  • null
       Number of mucker(s) : 5
  • null
       Rust guarantee : 10 yrs.
  • null
       Drinker system guarantee : 2 yrs.

according to the customers and experts, we have solved some problems by producing this kind of cage including: beautifying coops, very appropriate occupancy, unpleasant smell and hygiene, drinker pollution, treatment time, eating eggs by laying birds, optimizing feeding volume which has high price among the other, and Paravar is so proud of this advantages.

In fact, this product is stainless and washable.

In order to long-term and permanent water accessibility, there is nipple drinking system in which, as the bird peck the valve, enough water goes out, otherwise the water is stagnant.

In order to attach on the nipple pipe, water supply storage will be delivered by the product in terms of the cage capacity.

In order to save feeds and useful accessibility, feeding system is designed outside of the cage, by which there is no need to put your hand inside the cage for feeding.

Collecting eggs is outside of the cage and inside the laying storage, by which bird’s stress during egg collecting would be zero and we will never face with broken or dirty eggs.

In order to clean dungs, there is no need to move the bird. Sliding tray goes out from the bottom of the cage, then you can put it back after cleaning and washing.

In order to pack the cage and transfer to the storeroom, you can open all the bolts and valves and it will occupy minimum space.


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