We are a manufacturer and distributor of poultry equipment, etc. Among the major products, we can point to industrial and domestic battery and California. Paravar Sanat Sabzevar was registered with the registration number of 3581, and the Paravar logo was registered in the Trademark Office as the brand of the company in 2014. We are working in this field for nearly 10 years, and 90 percent of towns and cities in our country and in a number of neighboring countries at least in 2 breeding farms use of our products. This is a great industrial honor in this period. We will strive to help this global industry.
Therefore, we are ready to accompany and set up breeding units in all parts of the country and abroad, to cooperate with governmental organs, IRGC, building mobilization, welfare, Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, etc. implementation of domestic projects in line with the resistance economy all over the country.
Here is a start-up for selling company products and supplying other equipment needed by this industry.

Why paravar?

paravar was not paravar 10 years ago.
A small cage workshop with 4 personnel, with a monthly production of 20 meters. With the name our customers chose for us,” cage maker”. Everyone knows that industrial cages in Iran have little history, especially the production of cages for other poultry! Thank God, our experience and efforts for many years have turned us into the largest and only manufacturer of fully galvanized stainless steel and elite industrial cages in Iran. Our designers and engineers in the light metal industry and breeding poultry are working every day to bring more prominent advantages to products and to supply beautiful and standard cages to breeding farms.
With high experience, we offer a product with the least error.
We guarantee after-sales service.

What if I do not buy Paravar products?

Nothing. In fact, there’s no other way than just get the hardly-earned capital into mediators and workshops that do not have the expertise and experience in the industrial cage industry. The cage manufacturing is very precise and requires modern equipment. You need a place that has the highest productivity for egg or meat production. Now, suppose your system has a new problem every day, such as:
Losses due to non-standard congestion.
Losses due to stinging bird’s body in nets.
Lack of air circulation in the stories.
Dispersing and dropping dungs to the floor or over the other stories.
Non-standard access to the drinker system
Bird Escaping from Cages
And many other issues that had bothered us 10 years ago…

Asking these questions yourself is required before any action!!?

Which of the existing workshops have the ability to calculate above-mentioned topics?
Does the cage production consist of just a chassis and a few netting?
Will a welder and technical workshops also have the ability to produce a cage?
Why do 80% of failures in this industry acknowledge the use of non-standard cages? (10% unbalanced feed, 10% the management and the inadequate space)
Why do we have a huge failure for a small price?
(According to the survey, the difference in the price of standard cages with non-standard cages in a breeding unit by the capacity of 1000 quail is just 25 U.S$ (1 U.S$ =120000 IRR), which is 4% of total unit costs. This 4% means a guarantee for 80% success).

What if I buy Paravar products?

You will start the farm easily!
Spend all your time learning breeding key points, optimizing energy consumption, producing balanced feeds, and etc.
Guarantee of product originality is in your hands. With the smallest problem, the company is responsive and will take immediate action to solve it.
You will never have to deal with issues of storage, appropriate space, and production. We are working on these issues every day and have achieved significant success.

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